About Us

Who are Wolf Productivity?

David Canfield

Photo of David CanfieldDavid started out as an Electrical Control Specialist apprentice with Ford Motor Company in 1991. After completing a 4 year apprenticeship he went on to be part of many manufacturing teams in machining and assembly lines.

In 2001 David joined the engineering team in Ford as an Industrial engineer and started a part time degree in Manufacturing Systems Engineering. After achieving a 1st class honours degree David went on to be the senior Industrial engineer in 2003, a role in which he stayed until the creation of Wolf Productivity Ltd in 2020.

During the 19 years as an industrial engineer David was involved of all of the labour savings and capacity improvements in Bridgend Engine plant. Some of which he lead the teams and others where he was a team player and was only required in verifying savings and improvements. Also as the Senior Industrial Engineer he had a large role in the Ergonomics of the plant and lead the LEC (Local Ergonomic Committee).

Now, from the highest level of training with Ford Motor Company and the experience gained from over 29yrs, David is driving to use these skills to help improve large businesses and small business alike.

Dan Doherty

Photo of Dan DohertyDan also started out as an Electrical Control Specialist apprentice with Ford Motor Company in 1990.

After completing a 4 year apprenticeship he went on to be part of many manufacturing teams in various assembly lines.

In 2008 Dan joined the engineering team in Ford as an Industrial engineer. In 2009 he completed a part time degree in Manufacturing Systems Engineering achieving a first class honours degree.

In 2015 he took up a new role as Forward Planning Process Engineer. A role that involved line trials for new parts. Capacity changes and manning changes due to customer demand. Machine purchasing and witness visits were also part of his roles and responsibilities. All of these were done with the Industrial engineering knowledge gained in the previous seven years in mind to ensure all changes were carried out to the optimum efficiency.

In 2018 Dan returned to the industrial engineering department as Launch Industrial Engineer. The role involved ensuring the capacity targets for the program were met. HPU & JPH targets were achieved and all manual stations were ergonomically acceptable. Thanks to the skills and knowledge learned from Ford Motor Company Daniel is now using these skills to help other companies.

Would your business benefit from the involvement of Wolf Productivity?

If the answer to any of these questions below is NO then your business would benefit from our help:-

  • Are all your employees fully utilized?
  • Is the ergonomics in your place of work compliant with latest HSE guidelines?
  • Are you achieving your year-end targets?
  • Do you know what your cyclic capacity is?
  • Do you know your current Uptime of your facility?
  • Do you feel you are getting the best performance out of your lines?
  • Do you know what each employee should be contributing to the company?
  • Do you understand your bottlenecks and how to break them?

How we would help

We agree our brief with you before commencement. We provide deliverables in the form of guidance or consultancy, obviously taking more than a basic contract responsibility.

Firstly understand what results you would like to see from our involvement. This is a step that can be overlooked and not fully communicated, which could end in disappointing results.

Once we have established the issue we will then work out a plan to resolve them. This step in our involvement will only be completed when the customer is satisfied with the plan.

Depending on what the customer wants we would carry out work measurement using pre-determined time or recording and rating for time standards. Look at actual outputs, targets, capacities and costs and compare them to required levels.

We can also help to establish correct manning levels, line utilisation, cost reduction, line balancing, method and process improvements.

We can also provide assistance and training for you and your engineers to achieve sustainability in your business.

Benefits of using Wolf Productivity:

  • We have had involvement of many projects over that last 25yrs, some we lead and some we were a team member
  • We have many examples of improvements that we can share with you
  • We can mould the requirements to suit your needs
  • And we will available on a one-to-one basis to ensure complete satisfaction

What to do next

Whichever business sector you operate in, the chances are we’ve helped people to address their productivity issues and improve the way they operate.

Contact us now to find out how we can help.